Amazon EC2 hosting

Amazon EC2 hosting

Resizeable compute capacity in the cloud is provided by Amazon elastic compute cloud that is Amazon EC2. It is a kind of web service that provides security. It allows developers to have easy access to web scale cloud computing. Amazon easyto offers simple Web services which helps in obtaining and configuring capacity with these. It allows customers to have complete control of computing resources and let them run Amazon’s computing environment.

Amazon EC2 provides broadest and deepest compute platform. It provides services which include choice of processor, networking, purchase model, storage and operating system. Amazon easy to provide the fastest processors which makes them the only cloud company having 400 GB/s ethernet networking. There were most powerful GPU instances which further assist in machine learning training and low-cost per interface instances. 

Let us have a look at new features of Amazon EC2 hosting.

Amazon easy to service establishes a connection to the main port thereby provides a simple and secure way to resolve the problems. It offers one click, text based access to instances. Earlier customers for getting serial console outputs as logs or screenshots via I EC2 to management console. With the new added feature of EC2 serial console, customers are able to interactively run troubleshooting commands which helps them in resolving boot and allow them to deal with network configuration issues. Amazon easy to hosting is available for nitro virtual instances. No additional cost is required if the customer uses AWS EC2 instances.

What does Amazon EC2 hosting offer

Amazon easy to offers Web hosting solutions to businesses, governmental organisations and non-profit organisations. They offer low-cost alternatives to deliver their website and web applications.

Why to choose Amazon EC2 hosting

Broad platform support is offered by Amazon EC2. It allows customers to use CMS of their choice which includes Dhrupal, joomla etc. along with that AWS offers popular platforms such as Ruby, Java, node.js, .Net.

Amazon has its data centres spread worldwide. It caters to customers present all over the world. The services offered by AWS are available to any person residing in any geography And it is just some clicks away.

Services offered by Amazon are scalable from day one. Traffic of the website fluctuates so much. At the middle of night social media traffic takes a leap. Thus AWS customises itself that is it grows and shrinks as per the need of customers.

Amazon offers flexible pricing mechanism. Amazon charges customers only for the services that they use and it does not include any upfront or long-term cost and doesn’t even involve any long-term contracts. Web hosting options of AWS offer monthly fixed pricing also.

By using AWS That is Amazon Web services customers are able to rent virtual computers and use them to run their own computer applications. Easyto allows customers for scalable deployment of applications and provides a Web service with the help of which customer is able to boot Amazon machine Image i.e. AMI. user is able to create launch and terminate the servers as per their need and unable to pay as per the usages. Thus it is known as elastic in nature. EC2 allows customers to have a control over geographic location which further helps in latency optimisation

Let us look at the charges for Amazon EC2 hosting services.

usually it is charged at an hourly basis or as per the instances. Along with that it allows the instances to be rented on a monthly basis too. Charges of instances are dependent on their size. For example their calculated on the basis of the amount of CPU and RAM included. 

Cost of Amazon EC2 ranges from $2.5 per month for Nano instance and for large type of instances it goes up to $3997.19 per month. 

Let us have a glance at issues arising while using Amazon EC2 hosting services.

In 2008 Amazon had a problem of distribution of spam and malware. Thus Antispam organisations like how to place and Blocked Amazon’s EC2 address pool.

In 2010 Amazon pulled back its service given to WikiLeaks when it came under political pressure in United States. Sometimes bank Internet group which was Arunima’s head tried to attack EC2 for taking revenge but Amazon was unaffected by the attack.

Amazon’s websites were off-line temporarily in December 20 10. Initially it was unclear if this issue was due to the attack happened or because of the failure of hardware in letter times Amazon official stated that it happened because of hardware failure.

Benefits of Amazon EC2 hosting services

– Firstly it offers full control of virtual servers along with providing easy accessibility.

 – it gives its customers the freedom to choose their preferred platform. It helps customers in running the operating system of their choice. This is a significant feature for so many businesses. It is much easier to migrate to Amazon EC2 instance as it allows to choose the preferred operating system.

 – It offers intact security. Amazon elastic compute cloud has some inbuilt security features. It runs within a virtual private cloud when instance is launched. It is an isolated network but there is full control on who gets to access the clouds instances. 

 – It is cost effective in its nature as payment is calculated by hour.

 – It provide users with ample storage space so that the additional instances can be created.

 – When it comes to scaling with Amazon EC2, businesses will be easily able to scale horizontally or vertically. 

 – Amazon EC2 offers good bandwidth which increase the time efficiency and reduces the amount of money spent on purchasing cloud services

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