Google network engineer

Google network engineer

Role of Google network engineer 

Technical experts which offer services like setting up of computer networks, Offer technical support and maintain them are known as network engineers. All of us have heard about Wi-Fi, local area networks, wide area networks and global area networks. These networks allow us to communicate with each other and have the access of information over the internet. These networks are managed and looked after by network engineers. 

Google Network engineers are responsible for hardware and software. When it comes to hardware, they do the jobs like hands on installation and maintenance of the components like router, Cables and switches. Regarding software, with the help of complex computer software the monitor network activity. They also configure network systems. They set up firewalls in order to continuously maintain and improve network security. They are also known for resolving the problems whenever they arise. 

Above network engineer there is a post of network architect. They communicate with clients in order to understand the real business requirements and design computer networks according to the needs of clients. They provide customised complex computer networks which could be easy to use, secure, efficient and cost-effective.

Let us look at the salary and benefits that the get

At the entry points engineers on between £ 19000 to £26000 per year . the senior network engineer is made on up to £60000. As contrary to this network engineers which are working as freelancers can earn more. 

Let us look at the schedule of google network engineers

Network engineers usually work five or six days a week. The job is typically 9-to-5 job. But sometimes extra evening hours or weekend hours are added to complete the deadline. There are nightshifts also if the system come across any technical problems or there is more workload.

Let us look at the qualification required for obtaining this job

It is not compulsory to have a degree for this job but if someone has an undergraduate degree in subjects such as software engineering, physics or electrical engineering, computer science or maths then there is more chance of getting selected and entry-level. If anyone does not have any undergraduate degree in relevant subjects then it is usually advised to at least complete the postgraduation in one of the subjects. If the candidate that has some kind of experience in IT company then also it adds more chances to be employed.

Let us have a look at responsibilities of Google network engineers

 – they are responsible for developing and integrating systems and infrastructure. They are used for testing and quality assurance.

 – The ensure that testing environments are reliable for Google enterprise network.

 – They automate the Q & A infrastructure as per the need.

 – The developed the testing plans which are based on knowledge of The specific solutions.

Let us look at the skill sets that are required to get this job of Google network engineer.

 – having a good hand at professional programming skills. Google focuses on the employees who have talented and creative ability. 

 – If the client has background professional experience and great programming or coding skills then have more chance of getting selected

 – Having knowledge about knowsubnetting and IP addressing.

 – Reviewing VLANs and able to explain what it is 

 – Having a detailed idea of dynamic protocols like 0SPF, EIGRP and BGP.

 – The engineers must know about the general concept of networking.

 – The employees should have an idea about what route Bridge is and what VTP does.

Let us have a look at the manner in which Google network engineers are trained 

The most of the part of training is completed on the job. It is done under the supervision of senior network engineers. The employees get the opportunity to attend in house training sessions.

Some organisations of a training courses for network engineers which are interested in keeping the skin fresh and update.

Organisations helps employees to gain a qualification in Microsoft, Cisco, Novell.

Working in IT is a continuous learning process. If one needs to reach and higher success level then he or she must need to be aware of all the industry developments and keep teaching them these new skills all the time.

When one has gained decent amount of knowledge and experience they can acquire the position of lead network engineer and get the responsibility of leading team. The technical knowledge can be advanced further by working as a network architect on important projects.

Many of the network engineers have became independent contractors and working on a freelance basis.


Google offers equal opportunity to all the employees. They are committed in offering equal employment regardless of Race religion colour National origin citizenship disability gender identity marital status veteran status and sexual orientation. Google considers applications irrespective of criminal history of the applicant. Google does not accept any agency resume.

Certificates for network engineering

CompTIA Network+ – by completing the certification course engineers are able to manage and design the networks. They also will be able to properly control the network devices, resolve the issues before they arise, enhance the performance and keep the security of network in check.

CompTIA Security+ – this is the certification course that helps in obtaining skills required in performing core IT security functions. It allows them to be in touch with latest trends, threat management and risk management.

CompTIA Linux+ – this authentication course clear the concepts like command line interface, network setting and services, system configuration and system security.

This certification aligns with the job roles such as technical support specialist and technical support administrator.

CompTIA Server+ – this certification prepare IT pros to work in data centre and cloud environments. It covers server and installation skills such as server hardware installation and management, server administration and troubleshooting.

CompTIA Cloud+ – CompTIA Cloud+ ensures that engineers can deploy and automatically secure cloud environments. This way they obtain the capacity to troubleshoot, automate, connect and resolve security issues. CompTIA foundational and networking certification certificate relates to others. They give knowledge of vendor specific skills. Some of the certification courses that can be done after this are 

VMware Certified Professional

AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty

Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer Certification

Juniper Networks Certification Program

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