Chicken Masala Recipe

If you are craving for real Indian food, then give chicken masala recipe a trial. The main flavoring ingredient is ‘garam masala’, a blend of strongly flavored Indian spices like coriander, turmeric, cardamom, cloves and cinnamon. This version of chicken masala is a mildly hot dish. If you require a hot kick, then go for an increase in green chillies. I am here to share with you a few vital points regarding the preparation.

To make 6 grand servings, you will need:

Chicken – 1 kg

Onion(medium) – 4 nos(chopped)

Tomato(medium) – 3 nos


Shallots(Kunjulli) – 8 nos

Ginger – 1 inch piece

Garlic – 5 cloves

Cumin seeds – 1 tsp

Coriander Powder – 3 tbsp

Pepper – 1 tsp

Garam masala powder – 1 tsp

Chilly powder – 3 tbsp

Preparation Method of Chicken Masala:

1) For preparing chicken masala, first grind together shallots, ginger, garlic, coriander powder, pepper, garam masala, cumin seeds and curd into a thick paste. Add salt to it.

2) Marinate the chicken with the above mix for 2 hours.

3) Deep fry the chicken, and then deep fry the curry leaves & keep aside.

4) Heat oil in a kadai. Add green chillies and onion and saute till onion turns golden brown.

5) Add turmeric and tomatoes and continue to saute until the tomatoes are fully cooked.

6) Add little water to the chilly powder to make it a paste and add it to the above mix.

7) Add sugar and a pinch of red color.

8) Add the fried chicken and saute for a while.

9) Add a cup of water and cook for 2 mins to make a thick gravy.

10) Garnish with Coriander leaves & the fried curry leaves. Chicken masala, a yummy mouth watering dish, is ready. Serve hot with naan, porotta, roti etc.

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