How to Judge Dog Food Quality

Judging dog food quality is actually quite simple, and very important for the health and well being of your dog. Many people are amazed at how different their dog looks, and acts, after they are switched to a dog food of good quality.

There are literally hundreds of dog foods to choose from, so how can you tell which foods are better than the others?

Here are some things you should know that will help you compare dog foods, and choose a food that will keep your dog happy and healthy for years to come.

  • Dogs are carnivores. (Meat eaters) and therefore need a good source of animal protein (meat). Fruits, vegetables, and grains (in whole-grain form) are generally OK for dogs, but not necessary. A dog’s digestive system simply isn’t set up to process anything other than meat and organs, so there is no need to choose a dog food simply because it has a particular fruit or vegetable in it.
  • Protein “Meal”. As the 1st Ingredient. on the ingredient list. A “meal” (ex: Chicken meal) is simply, chicken meat with the water removed. In order to make a crunchy kibble, the water needs to be removed. If the ingredient list shows simply “chicken” as the 1st ingredient, after the water is removed, chances are pretty good that the 2nd ingredient is, in reality, the main ingredient in the food.
  • Avoid “By-Products”. In your pet’s food. A by-product is simply “anything other than meat.” And yes, anything can mean any thing! Many people confuse “meals” and “by-products,” they are not the same. Meals are a good thing, by-products are not.
  • Avoid Glutens. As they have no nutritional value for dogs, and have actually been the cause of the recent pet food recalls. Glutens are a protein derived from wheat, rye, and other oats.

By following these simple guidelines, you should be able to easily compare the different dog foods, and judge whether or not a particular dog food is of good quality, and therefore, a healthy alternative for your dog.

Source by Garry Chaples

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