L'Œuf Forestiere (The Forest Egg) "Inspired by the sights, smell

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LŒuf Forestiere (The Forest Egg) quotInspired by the sights, smell
L'Œuf Forestiere (The Forest Egg) "Inspired by the sights, smells and tastes of the forest. A combination of airy, earthy, grassy and floral. The dessert features a White Chocolate Mousse with a Black Perigord Truffle Creme Anglaise center in a Chestnut Puff Pastry Nest with a Sorrel-Linden Sorbet. Presented in the form of the most versatile ingredient in the kitchen and the symbol of life, the humble egg." This dessert was an exclusive showcase for the Plated Dessert Service by the class where guests enjoyed the unique perspectives of each student in an all dessert tasting menu. I decided to pull ingredient inspirations from a large variety of sources that would not be traditionally seen together but nonetheless work in perfect harmony for an unforgettable experience.

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